Arizona Anti-Gay Bill: Yay or Nay? Feb26


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Arizona Anti-Gay Bill: Yay or Nay?

andypicA recent Arizona bill, vetoed on Wednesday (2/26/14), would have allowed businesses to refuse service to homosexuals and others on religious grounds. The measure also gained national attention. Even Apple (the makers of your iPhone) got involved. There were Superbowl ramifications. 

How were Christians to position themselves on this one?

On the one hand, to support the bill would be discriminatory towards homosexuals. I can understand refusing to, say, be a photographer at a gay wedding, but what about selling them a bar of soap?

On the other, to not support the bill could imply a tacit support of homosexuality. Failure of the measure might also render Christians unable to act upon their consciences.

Several things to consider:

  1. SDA’s have traditionally NOT supported laws that would deny certain individuals/groups purchasing power on “religious grounds.” (Revelation 13)
  2. If you owned a floral shop, would you refuse business to homosexuals who are planning their wedding? Should you get prosecuted for it?
  3. We must stand firm against legislation that deny individuals their  freedom of conscience, even if that means protecting the freedoms of non-Christians. Generally speaking.

Bear in mind there aren’t always easy answers to these complex issues.

By God’s grace, let’s avoid getting caught up in the rhetoric of the extreme right or left. God’s ways are ultimately not man’s ways. Or government’s ways.

In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see how measures like this will pan out in other states considering similar laws.