GLOWING on Facebook

facebookMore like “Exploding on Facebook.” There’s a good chance you’ve seen the “Why I Go to Church on Saturday” GLOW link on Facebook. In fact, tens of thousands have, and this isn’t hyperbole.

This is impact.

God can use Facebook, a social medium designed for social interaction as an evangelistic apparatus.

And you know what? More creative, evangelistic-minded Adventists need to get on board. You don’t have to resist your urges for Facebook. Use it! For good.

And the amazing thing is. . . it’s free.

A number of weeks ago, the GLOW Sabbath issue was shared on Facebook.

On day 1, exactly 66 individuals visited the site. Here’s what followed on the days after.

The numbers don’t lie.

  • Day 1: 66 visitors
  • Day 2: 239 visitors
  • Day 3: 3154 visitors
  • Day 4: 6353 visitors
  • Day 5: 15,481 visitors (notice the spike here)
  • Day 6: 18,487 visitors
  • Day 7: 14,680 visitors

Total:  58,460 visitors (1 week)


This is quite amazing. Roughly 60,000 unique visitors read or heard about the seventh-day Sabbath.

And it cost nothing.

Weeks later, a group of students and ministry leaders (CAMPUS) ‘bought in’ at one of their retreats after a moving appeal by Kamil Metz. They began sharing the now popular link “Why I Go to Church on Saturday.”

This was on a Saturday.  By the end of the next day (Sunday), the site had close to 8,621 visitors spanning the two days. Add to the mix, 20 individuals signed up for Bible studies.

811computer_mouseAll this with just a “click” of the mouse. Here’s what followed on the days after.

  • Saturday: 3,234 visitors
  • Sunday: 5387 visitors
  • Monday: 1158 visitors
  • Tuesday: 2550 visitors
  • Wednesday: 3509 visitors
  • Thursday: 1356 visitors
  • Friday: 1065 visitors

Total: 18,259 visitors (1 week)


This is the kind of phenomena that’s only shared at TED Talks. Only it’s occurring within Adventism.

It’s what Ellen White was describing when she saw the Adventist message (books) going forth as the “leaves of Autumn.”

Only, it’s not books. It’s digital.

And get this. To date, within the past 90 days, approximately 90,000 individuals (unique) have visited the site from almost every country in the world, minus a few. Amazing.

Thanks Mr. Zuckerberg.