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G-Eye Revolution

By: Dr. Arla Genstler

Dr. Genstler and her team at Genstler Eye Center in Topeka, Kansas are the title sponsor of Team Revolution.  On October 21, she and many in her team organized and ran a race near the practice in an effort to support the Pletcher Family who lost wife and mom in a tragic car accident.  Here is their story:


It was a perfect fall day in Kansas.  I was actually supposed to be in Detroit running a half marathon with some of my Team Revolution compatriots, but due to a persistent ankle problem, my plans had been changed.  Earlier in the year, my business, Genstler Eye Center, had become the lead sponsor of Team Revolution.  So of course this meant that I needed to start running!!  Which I did and I loved it!

I did great for some months and then for some unknown reason, my left ankle started giving me trouble.  I tried to ignore it.  In talking with my dear 90 yr old retired (at age 86) physician father, I mistakenly shared with him my ankle woes.  He said, “My dear, that is an easy problem to fix. Stop running!”  He reminded me that knees can be replaced, hips can be replaced but ankles can’t be replaced.  So with this new perspective, I backed off my running.

But always wanting to stick to my word, I determined that I was going to do SOMETHING on Oct 21st, the race day.  I had not shared with my staff yet that we were sponsoring Team Revolution so I decided to challenge them to join me in a run on that day.  I offered to contribute $100 to our mission fund for each person that would run/walk/crawl/skip a 5K with me.   I told them this was a perfect opportunity to double their blessing, first by becoming healthier, and second by making a difference in the world through our mission outreach.  This after all, is the emphasis and purpose of Team Revolution.

So on that perfect fall day in Kansas, 25 adults and 4 children completed in one fashion or another, a 5K course near our office that we had marked out.   Our youngest “runners” were Dr Hanshcu’s 1 yr old twins.  Three of us over achiever women took turns pushing the running stroller while the twins happily ate strawberries. It was a lot of fun and we plan to make it at minimum an annual event, if not biannual.  And God willing, we plan to lengthen it next time to a 10K and work our way up to a half marathon if not a full one.  We have recruited a trainer from our local running store that has agreed to come and talk with us monthly on how to effectively.  We just might get really serious about this!

Our fund raising emphasis changed when I heard of the tragedy that hit the Pletcher family.  We of course do not know them but it just seemed like the right thing to do.

We may not be able to join the Michigan Team Revolution gang but just know that there is an embryonic Kansas Team Revolution in the making!  With God’s blessing, we will become healthier and also extend a hand to help those less fortunate.  Thanks Team Revolution for getting us going!