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Obama speaks about the sequester in WashingtonPresident Obama is slated to meet with Pope Francis this Thursday. Interesting to note, young Barack Obama’s drive for pro-social initiatives found its roots with Roman Catholicism (nothing conspiratorial). President Obama is scheduled to meet with Pope Francis later this week in Europe. The political left and right within the US are finding common ground with the current pope.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Supreme Court will hear the cases of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties on Tuesday (3/25). The two companies believe it’s within their right to refuse compliance with the contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act.  Two editorials–one, more informative; and the other, a blog decidedly against the position of the two companies–bring up some interesting points.

Vladimir PutinThe United States has implemented economic sanctions (or penalties) on a number of Russia’s financial elite, government officials, and others widely considered to be a part of President Putin’s inner circle. The intent of the sanctions is to get Putin and the Russian government to backtrack from their annexation of Crimea. President Obama is also seeking to persuade Europe to follow his lead with additional punitive sanctions.

Economic sanctions typically have to do with powerful nations imposing financial penalties on weaker nations. They’re often implemented to curb the undesired behavior or actions of certain states (Iran, Russia, etc.). This type of strategy–the execution of economic disincentives–has implications for Seventh-day Adventists (think Rev 13). It’s not far-fetched to think a day will arrive when a similar strategy could be imposed on persons or the general citizenry, as opposed to nation-states.

No, this isn’t some grand conspiracy (I’m decidedly against conspiracy theories). Nor do the actions of the US and Russia relate directly to Adventists.

Just something to think about.