Kimchi Fried Rice

It’s a great way to use leftover rice, frozen veggies and kimchi that’s “on the verge” — too old or too strong to be used as a fresh ingredient.  It wasn’t until Kimmy Shin, CAMPUS Chaplain at Michigan Tech University, reintroduced me to this great dish that I began to really like it and want to make it.

One of my favorite parts about this dish, also called: bokumbap, is that it reminds me of a childhood favorite dish from back in the day.  Sometimes, my mom worked overtime and didn’t come home until late at night.  I’d grab some leftover mexican rice from the weekend, throw it in the microwave, fry an egg, and mix it all together in a dish with avocado.  It was rich and savory and I enjoyed eating it so much!

We don’t eat eggs at home much.  However, whenever we get some for whatever reason, I like to save at least one to make this dish.  This time, instead of using mexican rice, I fry up some kimchi — a type of pickled korean cabbage, throw in some frozen veggies, add old rice, and cook everything over high heat to add a little crunch to the rice and caramelization to the veggies and kimchi.  It’s not the healthiest dish in the world, but I think it’s one of the best tasting!  For vegans, if you take away the egg, you still have a good fried rice dish.