Meeting Scott Jurek

Taken just after finishing a 5k run with Jurek

On Wednesday, June 20th, 2012, a group of us went to meet the most decorated ultra-marathon champion in history, Scott Jurek.  He is the star of the bestseller Born to Run, an amateur vegan chef, and can now add to his list of accolades that he is a published author of his new book, Eat and Run.  Incredibly, one of his stops on his book signing tour was right in town at our local Playmakers.  A few of us seized the opportunity to run a 5k with Jurek before his presentation and book signing.  In his talk, he shared the story of how he grew to love running and how that journey also led him from a meat and potatoes diet to becoming a completely plant-based vegan.  It was an inspirational evening and a real treat to get to meet this world-class endurance athlete.  He is the first person to sign our soon-to-be high-ticket Autographed Revolution Tech Tee.

By: Judy Ramos