Reinventing Adventist Cuisine: The Hot Dog Mar06


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Reinventing Adventist Cuisine: The Hot Dog

Adventists have tried for years to impact the world. First of all, with our message, arguably the MOST important contribution of Adventism (Read Revelation 14).

But, we also want to impact society with our FOOD. In this endeavor, we lag FAR behind. The New Agers, Buddhists, Hippies–in my opinion, they’re one or two notches above our game. We believe this needs to change. Now.

And we can have fun doing it too because Adventists should be happy people, enjoying life while making God our Center.

Before you watch the video below, be sure to read Amy Sheppard’s blog. Or, you can read it after. It’s the inspiration behind our wonderful evening.

Enjoy! (p.s. click & watch in 720p/HD)