Ronald Wayne drives a Chevy sedan and lives just outside of Las Vegas, NV.  He lives in a prefabricated home out in the desert.  He collects his social security check every month.  If you lived near him and visited the casinos regularly, you would most likely see him there also trying to strike it rich.

He is one of the greatest “what if” stories ever.

If you were to look through the history of Apple Inc., the great computer company founded by guru Steve Jobs, you would find a sheet of paper containing three names.  One of those names is Ronald Wayne.  Wayne gave up his share of the company for a total of $2,300.00.  Now, his share is worth well over $35 billion.

In his sermon at the University Seventh-day Adventist Church, Pastor David Shin has a simple, yet very profound message for us today:  hold on to your share.  Invest in heaven.  Do not sell.  Watch it here: (24:58)