Weiber Fever

By: Judy Ramos

The same week we met Scott Jurek, Tennille and I also got to meet another famous athlete.  Jordyn Weiber is not only a 17 year old girl who lives in our own small city of DeWitt, MI.  She is the 2011 World All Around Champion in Gymnastics and she is the gold hopeful for the London Olympic Games.  Our city held a fundraiser picnic on Sunday, June 24th, 2012 and Weiber took a brief break from training to sign autographs.  We waited in line for over an hour so we could have her sign our Revolution Tech Tee.  Now we have two famous autographs.  Tennille found out after the fact that Mitt Romney had been in DeWitt that week as well (even though we don’t necessarily support one party above another).  But we quickly agreed that having him sign the Revolution Tech Tee would be a stretch.  😉

Weiber signing our Revolution shirt

Our shirt autographed by Jurek and Weiber

The countdown to the London Olympics are well underway!  5 more days to go!

Here are USA’s endurance Olympians & Paralympians to look for:

Team USA Triathletes:

Team USA Swimmers:

Team USA Cyclists:

Team USA Runners: