What Is Bonders?


Too many Adventists live in a bubble, disconnected, even oblivious to what’s taking place in the world. Consequently, society knows very little about SDAs, other than the fact we’re healthy, live long, and have unique views on prophecy.

This is great, but they must know more.

We need to engage the world. It’s time for society to become acquainted with our perspectives, our worldview, our philosophy on life, and the cosmos.

But, in order to interact with society at this level we must also be engaged and informed. We need to know what’s taking place, what people are thinking. Society’s pulse.

Furthermore, we need more daring, thought provoking Adventists to share our biblical worldview in regards to life and society, its woes and concerns. We need Daniel’s and Joseph’s in a secular society. We must live in the world, yet remain distinct from it.

BONDERS, was created to unite Bible believing, Adventist communities for the single purpose of taking our message to the world–not by shoving truth down their throats, but by interaction with it. In addition, BONDERS serves as a venue that allies various ministries in order to build unity, cooperation, and synergy.

In the near future BONDERS will continue to facilitate ministry in a number of ways. Conferences and retreats will be organized and global missions will take place nationally and internationally. Furthermore, our website (bonders.org) will continue to expand, and Team Revolution will increase it’s local impact nationally.

The Second Advent of Jesus is near. It’s time to reveal to the world what it means to reflect Jesus in our lives.

We are to be the salt of the world.