Witnessing to the WWW’s (Part 1)


Witnessing to the Wealthy, Worldly, & Well Educated.

By David Kim. David D. Kim is an Adventist business executive. After earning his MBA from Stanford University, he built a career in business strategy as a management consultant with Bain & Company. He is now a senior executive at the Vanguard Group, a global investment company. David has a passion for reaching the highly educated and accomplished in the corporate world. David lives with his wife, Grace, and his children, Solomon and Claire, in the Philadelphia area.

David Kim presented a series of seminars at this year’s GYC (2013) on the need for witnessing to the wealthy, worldly, and well educated (WWW), and provided practical steps for witnessing to this particular demographic. Below is part 1 of his much anticipated Powerpoint slides.

If you missed his intriguing presentations, you can access his seminars and plenary session at the links provided below and follow along with the slides:


Download (PDF, Unknown)